Kevin took forever to find his pants this morning, so the page will be up on Friday! Sorry for the delay!

In other news I submitted to Hiveworks! Yay! I pushed the submit button about 2 in the morning on Wednesday before going to bed. That led to a very tired yesterday in which I got nothing but chores (which had to be done yesterday since the hot water is off today) and a tiny bit of writing done. It did not go as planned. (That’s the real reason the page is late… sorry.) I will admit I went to see Rachet & Clank at the dollar theater to reward myself for successfully submitting and getting my submission all put together in time. It was cute and fun with really good animation. I was impressed with the movement of the characters and the tongue-in-cheek nerd humor. But even if I gave that 90 minutes to working on the comic I know it still wouldn’t be done before midnight tonight. So, page tomorrow. There will be a page! Just, later.

Okay. I’m off to work on it! Ta ta!

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