Well, he THOUGHT he was prepared.

Walter’s distraction is not going as planned.

Ta-daaaa, this week’s filler! We’ll have a page on Friday morning. Right now I’m focusing on getting ahead on NaNoWriMo camp, and thumbing/rough sketching the rest of the chapter. Progress has been made!

In other news, I downloaded Pokemon Go and it has gotten me out and exercising! Yay! I’ve made level 6, but haven’t picked a team yet. I’m still debating which one I want to join. This is my first Pokemon game EVER, and I’m super excited for it! I chose bulbasaur as my starter and named it Tulip. I’m going with plant themed names.

The water is also off in my apartment building today, so I’m sitting here feeling all sticky since I can’t wash the sweat off my face. Oh well.

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