But it’s going to last a little bit longer, and when it’s done things are going to change here.

I chomped off more than I could chew with this project and didn’t prepare properly. That combined with back to back visits from relatives taking up almost a whole month and depression creeping up on me had me metaphorically drowning in the comic. I’d gotten to the point where I wasn’t sure what I wanted anymore. Did I really want to draw this comic? Did I really want to do all that WORK? I didn’t remember it being so much work the last time I did it, and it doesn’t feel rewarding. I’ve been unhappy with the final pages, mostly with the greyscale. Do I really want to still be working on this same freaking story potentially 15+ years from now? Is it really worth it?

This led to a meltdown–a whole day filled with soul searching and tears. I’ve been having trouble lately reading myself, so the questions were hard to answer. Eventually after talking with some friends I came to the conclusion that YES, I do want to do the comic, but things have to change. My life is not set up the way I want it to be, and the comic isn’t what I want it to be. I need to fix that.

So, what are these changes? Fur & Fangs is moving from twice a week in greyscale to once a week updates in COLOR. Exciting! (At least the color part.) This way you get a better quality (hopefully) comic and I will have time to write novels (my PASSION) and do my other random projects my overly ambitious brain wants to do (like sewing, jewelry, other art, and GAMES). Fur & Fangs can return to twice-weekly updates once I’m finally earning enough money from it to hire somebody to help me.

I’ve taken a week to purge my brain and recharge after all the stress and family things, but there’s more I need to do to prep for the return of the comic. It will probably take me a month or so, and I apologize for this.

What is it that will take me a month, you might ask, can’t I just do the next page? Well, yeah, I could, but I want to do a better job on everything from now on. I’m going to make clay busts of the main characters so that I can figure out how to approach their hair and face from any angle. At the same time, I’m going to finish thumbing and roughing the first chapter. I might build/find some 3D reference for neighborhoods and vehicles, design exteriors and interiors of a couple important houses (don’t know why it didn’t cross my mind to do that BEFORE I needed to draw Walter’s home). BUT the main reason the hiatus will extend longer is because this time I will make a buffer! I’d like to have at least 3-5 pages of buffer that can hopefully grow to a larger number as time passes, but I’m aiming for 4-ish at the end of the hiatus.

That’s the plan! I can’t promise filler content, but keep an eye on this space just in case I manage something. Maybe I’ll post pictures of the busts or more character design stuff, or random story/character development snippets? Maybe. We’ll see. This week is already promising to be a heavy week with life stuff and I’m feeling overwhelmed again. *sigh* Such is life.

I’ll catch you later!

-A Ro

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