Fur & Fangs rebooted on May 3rd, 2016. Yay! We’ve made it one year! Granted, it’s been a bumpy one, but we’re not giving up. New pages will come soon.

As I announced on page 18, I moved back to Utah. And as not announced, I am also expecting a baby in September. That compounded with a cross-country move ended up taking more out of me than expected. I am now settle down in Utah and all unpacked with a fully-functioning studio space, but still have some major baby-related research and decision making that will take up some time. This means that while I’m all ready to go again, things will go a little slow over┬áthe next month while I take out some work time to take care of things. Hopefully I can manage a page by next week? If not then for certain the week after that. May is guaranteed to have at least one page done before the end.

Until then, please enjoy this drawing of a werewolf hug between our two protagonists! Walter puts up a fuss about them in public, but he secretly loves the affection.

EDIT 05/31/2017: I thought there was one more Thursday in the month of May than there actually is! Oops. I guess we’ll have to wait for June. :/ The next page is well on it’s way, though, so it won’t be too long.

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