In all fairness, while Walter would act on his threat and steal the girl, he’d only take her on one date and spend the whole time telling her all about Kevin and Kevin’s feelings for her and play matchmaker. He’s not that mean. 😉 Kevin, however, does not realize this since it’s never happened before.

My apologies for the late page… I have no idea what happened on Wednesday. Somehow I only managed to work an hour and a half and ended the day miserable with no clue where all my time went. *flail* I did work 7+ hours on the page yesterday (plus an hour scripting), but when I had a half-hour left of work just before midnight, I figured it would be best to finish in the morning with clear eyes that could see mistakes and fix them. This page took longer than I expected. I kind of forget that backgrounds are a thing I need to do sometimes and that this page needed lots of them.

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