Hmmm. I wonder what stopped Kevin from finishing his sentence? Tune in next week to find out!

Why next week? Well, after failing so miserably to get 3 pages up and slowly getting further and further behind, I took stock of my life situation and looked at the next couple of months. I have relatives coming to visit really close together (in-laws at the end of July for a week, and then my parents for TWO weeks start of August) and a potential cross-country move end of September (depends on the husband’s job situation). At my current rate of page production that’ll just mean a lot of not-cool hiatuses. I don’t want to do that. So I decided to slow down posting for a bit until the craziness has passed. That way I can keep posting, catch up, build a buffer, and hopefully do some prep for future pages and chapters. Depending on how things go, like if we move, the slower update schedule might last through the end of chapter one. If things go well, it will end sooner and we’ll go back to two pages a week!

I do plan on posting quality filler content to still have two updates a week, down in the blog section of the page to keep things clean.

Also, I’ll be experimenting to see if there’s a better style to do the pages in that I can make faster. I’d like it if I could figure something out that doesn’t take 12 hours a page so I can do other stuff as well as F&F.

Anyways, anything you have questions about I could answer for filler content? Feel free to ask away!

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