Update 10-25-2020:

Just before the pandemic hit I was actually making good progress on Fur & Fangs and was on track to finish the last ten pages of chapter 1 in just a few months. But, like many people, the pandemic came and knocked me flat on my back as far as childcare goes. I lost access to the Early-On Drop In I’d been going to to keep Squirt occupied while I worked on art and comics. She’s happy to do her own thing as long as there’s another adult in the room, but if the iPad Pro comes out she has to take it over and won’t let me draw. I still don’t think she’s old enough to set boundaries with it without a giant fight and many tears I currently don’t have energy to deal with, so my ability to art has been severely limited since March. I’ve worked out a schedule with my hubby so that I get 8 hours a week with no toddler interference, but unfortunately most of it is getting spent on other important things I can’t do with Squirt around, like sewing repairs on clothes and finances and more, and sleep when I’m absolutely exhausted. Which is often.
Right now when I can manage to art I’ve been working on making things I can put on merchandise and sell. So far all I have is a couple snarky mugs, but this week I should be receiving test prints on some t-shirts and if things go well then there will be a some new shirts going up in the near future! If you want to buy anything from me then you should go check out my ETSY STORE!
I’m working on getting help so that I can have more time to art and work on Fur & Fangs for all of you. If you’d like to help me out then please, please, please go check out my store and buy something from me! OR go check out my PATREON! 😀 Every little bit helps. I will add more things as time goes by, so be sure to check up on it often! And if there’s any Fur & Fangs or other kinds of merchandise you’d like to see me make, just let me know in a comment or message.
Hopefully things will be getting back on track here soon! Thank you so much for your patience and support. It means the world to me. <3


Update 02-12-20:


And Fur & Fangs is returning! Eventually. Soon-ish. Not sure when. But it is coming back! I’m currently working on finishing all the pages of chapter one before I will decide when I will start posting again.

I moved to Canada again and then changed addresses there recently, so I’ve been busy. I’m still a stay-at-home mom of what is now a toddler and Squirt loves to be involved in everything I do and run interference, so I have a limited amount of time to work on anything. That should get better over time, but I’d give it another year or so before I can devote a significant amount of time to art, writing, and F&F. Things will be slow for a bit, but will be moving forward from now on!

Follow me on Instagram/Patreon/main website to stay more up-to-date. I post there more frequently. 🙂


Original post text from 10-19-17:

Hey everyone! Sorry for the delay on the next page. My baby came five weeks early back in August, and having a newborn is waaaaaaaaay more time consuming than I expected. It’s boggled my brain. Taking care of her is getting a bit easier, though, so I think I can get back on some sort of track here soon. 🙂

Feel free to send questions for me to doodle answers too if you’d like. You can do so at the Fur & Fangs Tumblr, or email me at oddstuffs.art@gmail.com.

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