Sorry for the lateness. I’ve had technical difficulties. The printer refused to print, so here you have the first fully digital page. It worked out pretty well once I moved the sketch stage to Photoshop! The first pass sketch is totally fine in Clip Studio, but for some reason it is hard and slow for the detailed sketch. 🙁

And then for some reason Clip won’t open the photoshop file anymore like it’s supposed to. It opened it yesterday, and opens the one for the previous page, but now it won’t open this one! I don’t know what happened! Ahhhhh! That makes it hard to fix speech bubbles! *flail*

In other news, I’m working on my submission to Hiveworks, so pages might be posting later in the day for a week or so while I try to learn an all-digital process AND make three additional test pages to send in with my submission while still doing regular pages. Yay! Yay? I think yay.

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